Mount Pleasant DC Homes for Sale

Mount Pleasant, is a great neighborhood in Washington, DC and serves as home to about 10,000 people from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Once home to baseball great Walter Johnson and actress Helen Hayes the neighborhood went through some turbulent times in the 1960’s as the civil rights movement strived to desegregate neighborhoods in the Washington, DC area. Mount Pleasant Washington DC

Now, the Mount Pleasant neighborhood which is located in the northwestern quadrant of Washington, DC is known for its diversity. Mount Pleasant is located between Rock Creek Park on the north and west and Harvard Street NW to the south and 16th Street NW to the east.  The great location and convenient access to all that Washington, DC offers makes Mount Pleasant an obvious choice for many.

In the early 1980’s Mount Pleasant enjoyed a revitalization phenomenon with home renovations and aggressive efforts to restore the area to its picturesque heritage. Now, the area is primarily row houses, some 19th century wood framed homes and a large number of mid-rise and low-rise apartment buildings. The renaissance resulted in rapid growth and the neighborhood is now home to about 2 percent of the entire Washington, DC population.

Today, the neighborhood boasts a rich Hispanic culture due to the large number of Spanish speaking immigrants (particularly from El Salvador and the Dominican Republic) who settled in Mount Pleasant in the 1960s. That rich heritage is evident in the number of businesses that cater to the Hispanic community.  Here you will find a four-block commercial corridor with convenience shopping and a large retail development just east of Mount Pleasant in Columbia Heights.

If you have plans to live in the Washington, DC area, the convenience and heritage of Mount Pleasant combined with the real estate values available (the median home price is now just $275,0000) might just make it the perfect place for you to call home. Photo Source: AgnosticPreachersKid

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