What is the Definition of a Clean House? 

Before I list a DC property for sale, I spend time going through the house and discussing what needs to be done with the Sellers. The number one thing I recommend is not painting or buying furniture, it’s cleaning and de-cluttering.

I’ve found that there are many different definitions of clean. My expectation of clean is completely clutter-free surfaces. That means removing toiletries from the bathroom counters; dressers tops should be completely clear except for a decorative item or two; shelves should be organized; toys and piles of clothes should be put away, drawers should close completely; kitchen counters should be almost bare. Cobwebs and dust bunnies – gone!

This alone goes a long way towards making a home attractive to potential buyers. I’ve had situations where I’ve described in detail the clean routine, and arrived the day before the photo shoot to find that the dust bunnies and cobwebs are still there. Perhaps the piles of clothes are gone, but about half the original amount of toothpaste, deodorant, nail polish, newspapers, and other accoutrements are still piled on almost every dresser and table surface.

I’ve learned from experience that I must see the home in the condition I expect prior to scheduling the photographer and not assume that my clean and someone else’s clean are the same thing. The good news is, if you choose to do it yourself, cleaning is free. This is one case where a little sweat-equity goes a long way.

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