A Juice Fast in Washington DC

For the last 7 days, food has not touched my lips. No, I’m not having a bad month commission wise (I’m a realtor in DC).  I’m on Day 7 of a 10-day juice fast.   I am juicing fruits and vegetables 4 times/day and drinking lots of water. That’s it.  No Friday night pizza and wine, no eggs and bacon for breakfast,  not even a salad for lunch.  I was tired of feeling tired, and decided to go cold turkey in my quest for more energy and a healthier lifestyle.  Here’s how my journey began…

Several months ago I found out that I am on the borderline for high blood pressure.  I’m also above my ideal weight, and I just haven’t been feeling like myself  lately.  I’m typically a high energy person, but had been feeling sluggish and tired.  I even started taking naps for the first time in my life.  It was time to do something drastic or I feared I would begin a downward slide toward something that wasn’t good.

When I began juicing, I did it in addition to eating regular meals, usually in the morning.  I was looking for the boost that a nutrient rich drink would provide.  Gradually, I started replacing breakfast with juice, as I found that I wasn’t  really hungry after I had my glass of juice.  I had a decent juicer and a book of juice recipes and was enjoying the process. I had done some research on juice fasting, and how powerfully positive it can be for your health, but wasn’t quite ready to go there yet.  What pushed me to go all the way was watching a documentary called “Fat,Sick & Nearly Dead.” It’s a great film about 2 men who are overweight and sick with various ailments, and who turn their lives around through juicing.  I watched the film, got the OK from my doctor, and started my juice fast the next day.

Day 1 & 2 of my fast was pretty easy, I must say.  I wasn’t very hungry and the juices kept me satisfied. A typical concoction was kale, carrots, green apples, and beets; or  broccoli, green apple and spinach.   I found that adding green apple would make almost any vegetable taste good.  But days 3 & 4 were not quite that easy – -in fact, they were downright difficult.  I was hungry almost the entire time.  And I still needed to cook dinner for my family, and go out and show property to real estate clients.  I showed eight DC properties on day 4 and my stomach started growling at about the 5th house.  How embarrassing!

Days  5 & 6 were a lot easier, I had a full schedule and just felt really good and had lots of energy.  Today, is day 7 and I’m feeling great.  I had  Kale, beet, apple, carrot, orange juice this morning, which was delicious.  I feel creative and am getting all sorts of work done that I had put off.  And I’ve lost 9 pounds so far!

I still have 3 days to go on my juice fast, and I’m looking forward to each day.  So far it’s been a challenging, energizing and rewarding experience.   Let me know if you have any questions about juice fasting or DC Real Estate.  I’d be happy to help.

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