Commuting to Downtown DC

City living allows improved access to mass transit, reducing automotive related costs, cutting down on pollution and commute times besides giving you a sense of community as you travel to work with those you live with. According to locals, getting around in DC is so much easier than getting around in New York, per say. For example, traveling two miles in DC doesn't take an extensive amount of time like it does in New York. This is due to an excellent rail system and the city of DC being smaller than New York City. However, should you drive, you may find your comparative scenarios almost identical as time to commute and issues finding parking are legendary in DC.Best neighborhoods for DC commutes

Washington DC has some of the best to offer in commute scenarios as far as city commuting goes.  Accessible neighborhoods and new options such as biking and slugging make the dreaded commute much more palatable in the great city of DC.

Ideal neighborhoods for making the commute easier are really anything with a metro or bus line. However, some notable top picks are Columbia Heights, Adams Morgan and Dupont Circle. In Columbia Heights you're literally near EVERYTHING...15 minute walk to U Street, 10 minute walk to Adams Morgan, and close to a metro line. The convenience and access to surrounding neighborhoods living in Dupont Circle can't be beat. Even from the center of the neighborhood, any destination is only a ten to fifteen minute walk.

What's really hot? Commuting by bicycle! There are over forty bicycle trails available in the DC area. Also, DC happens to have the largest bike sharing program in the country! Capital BikeShare provides 1100 bikes dispersed throughout the area. Biking is a great way to zip through traffic, enjoy scenery, and get in shape! Kathy, a bike commuter, says," after a year of bike commuting, you will find it unnatural to even consider driving anywhere, especially once you become familiar with the extensive trail network."

Should you choose to drive though, consider slugging. People who commute into the city and stop along the way to pick up other passengers as part of an organized system, is called slugging. Slug lines save gas money for all involved as well as time due to the ability to access HOV lanes. Photo by DCDOT

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